X Arms themes
These models have inward horiented seats with a total capacity of 32 seats or outward horiented seats with a total capacity of 24 seats
Looping Arms themes
Amazing! This ride allows a complete loop around by means of interactive gondolas

Mexican Fiesta

Successful rides! You can choose among different capacity models: 24, 32 or 40 seats!

Swinging themes
A traditional and evergreen
ride: flying chairs...for all ages
MiniArms themes
Really amusing rides! Three arms for every indoor room.

Twin Rings
Following an 8-shaped path, the gondolas give the sensation of bumping one against the other


Action Arm

Very amusing attractions: lifting up to 10m from the ground + upside-down rotation!


Magic Arm

Simple and great idea!
12 inward seats and three
rotational axis...The best
choice expecially for indoor places or with small room available

Super Action Arm

Impressive attractions: lifting up to 25m from the ground + flipping gondolas + upside-down rotation!


Just for indoor, this rides have 36 seats; the main rotation drive the gondolas around following a waved path.


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